Clubs based in Kanazawa-hakkei Campus
List of Clubs

// sports clubs //

Name Website/SNS
Aikido club Website
American Football club 'Fighting Seagulls' Website
Archery club Website
Athletics club Website
Badminton club Website
Baseball club (High-density baseball) Website
Baseball club (Med-density baseball) Facebook
Baseball club (Rubber-cored baseball) Twitter
Basketball club (Men's) 'Falcons' Twitter
Basketball club (Women's) Website
Cheerleading club 'Seagulls' Website
Football (Soccer) club Website
Futsal club 'VERDADE' Twitter
Golf club Facebook
Ground Hockey club (Men's) Website
Ground Hockey club (Women's) Website
Handball club Facebook
Japanese Archery club Twitter
Judo club Twitter
Karate club Website
Kendo club Website
Orienteering club Twitter
Rugby club 'YCU RFC' Website
Ski club (Racing Ski Team) Website
Swimming club Website
Table Tennis club Website
Taekwondo club Twitter
Tennis club (Men's) Twitter
Tennis club (Women's) Website
Volleyball club (Men's) Twitter
Volleyball club (Women's) Twitter
Windsurfing club Twitter
Yachting (Sailing) club Website

// cultural clubs //

Name Website/SNS
A capella club 'voxbox' Twitter
Art club x
Astronomy club '137MeL' Twitter
Blues club Twitter
Brass Band 'Kanade' Website
Broadcasting club 'YBC' Twitter
Ceramics club Twitter
Cinema club Twitter
Comic (Manga) club Website
Composition club 'YCU Records' Twitter
Dance club 'YCU Dancing Crew ALMA' Twitter
Drama club 'Gekidan Kaiseikan' Twitter
English club 'YCU ESS' Twitter
Environmental Volunteer club'Step Up↑' Twitter
Expedition club x
Film-making club '&observations' Website
Go club Website
Guitar club 'ALIAS' x
International Affairs society 'JJK' Twitter
Juggling club 'Shakariki PANDA' Website
Literary club Website
Mixed Choir Website
Music (Band) club 'SESSION' Twitter
YCU Orchestra Website
PC (Computer) club 'CLiP' Twitter
Philosophy club Twitter
Photography club 'PSC' Twitter
Piano club Website
Railroad club Twitter
YCU Red Cross society x
Science club Website
Science Research club Twitter
Second Wind Jazz Orchestra Twitter
Stock (Investment) club 'Clover Fund' x
Socializing (Ballroom) Dance club Facebook
Tea Ceremony club Website
Traveling club 'ROVER CREW' x
Volunteer club 'Peace News' x
Volunteer club 'Trebol' x

Should there be any mistakes,preferences,or changes to your club's website/SNS,please contact us at koho(at) EN/日语are okay).)